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Although they happen all the time, we don’t often think of burn injuries when we think of personal injury law. We usually think about slip and falls or car accidents. However, burn injuries, and the need for experienced burn injury lawyers, are more common than you might think. There are about 450,000 burn injuries every year in the United States. Of these injuries, about 3500 people die every year from their injuries.

Usually, people who die from burn injuries either die at the scene or on the way to the hospital. Their injuries are just so bad they don’t survive very long. People with minor burn injuries don’t usually need medical treatment.

Unfortunately, a lot of burn victims are children. Almost 100,000 children are treated for burns every year in emergency rooms across the country.

The one good thing about burn injuries is 96% of all victims survive.  This is a much higher survival rate than most other types of accidents. If you or a loved one have suffered a burn injury, you need to call a burn injury lawyer in Boston.

Boston Burn Injury Attorneys Handle all Types of Burn Cases

When you watch the news, you see stories about house fires all the time. Homes are destroyed and people are killed. But there are other kinds of fires. Burn injury attorneys handle all types of burn cases. They have years of experience handling cases just like yours.

Although most burn injuries are caused by house fires and car accidents, there are other types of burns. You can suffer a burn injury whenever you sustain skin damage due to heat, radiation, chemicals or an electrical source.

Any type of burn injury can cause permanent damage. All burns are painful. Most require medical treatment. Some of the more common causes of a burn injury include:

  • Fire
  • Electrical currents
  • Hot steam
  • Hot liquid
  • Radiation
  • Hot glass
  • Tanning bed
  • Abuse
  • Chemicals

Most burn injuries are caused by accidents. Some are caused by negligence. In a negligence case, your burn injury lawyer must prove the following elements:

  • The defendant owed the victim a duty of care – For example, daycare workers are responsible to keep their students safe.
  • The defendant breached this duty – If a daycare worker left a hot stove on within reach of children, they will have breached their duty of care.
  • The victim must be injured – in the daycare example, a child must actually suffer burn injuries from the hot stove.
  • The breach must cause the injury – If the child burned themselves by touching the hot stove, it will show causation. In burn cases, it’s not very difficult to prove causation.

If you or your child have suffered a burn injury, you are entitled to compensation. You need to retain a burn injury attorney to help you hold the defendants responsible.

Burn Injury Attorneys in Boston Get you Compensation for all Types of Burns

Basically, burn injuries can be measured by degree. The higher the degree, the worse the burn. Very minor injuries usually heal themselves rather quickly. Unless there are special circumstances, your compensation will be relatively low. It’s important to understand the different types of burns.

There are 4 different degrees of burns. They are categorized as follows:

  • 1st Degree – These are the least serious and only affect the outer layer of skin. They are usually caused by hot liquids being spilled on the victim’s body. They are easily treatable and very rarely leave lasting injuries. The exception to this is if a victim suffers a burn to her face. Facial burns can be serious regardless of the degree.
  • 2nd Degree – These types of burns affect both the outer layer and the second layer of skin. They are usually caused by explosions such as a fuel tank explosion. They can also be caused by flash fires. These are dangerous yet short-lasting fires that can cause serious injuries.
  • 3rd Degree – This is the most serious type of burn. Although some people do survive 3rd degree burns, they are usually going to suffer life-long damage associated with the burn. This is because the burn actually affects the muscles underneath the skin. Most 3rd degree burn victims also suffer breathing and inhalation issues. This type of burn often requires surgery and skin grafts. The recovery is long and the victim will face a very long rehabilitation.
  • 4th Degree – Sadly, most people do not survive 4th degree burns. If you have a loved one who suffered a 4th degree burn, you will want to consult with an attorney about a possible wrongful death claim.

People don’t usually burn themselves walking down the street or on their way to work. Most burn injury cases don’t have the same issues of causation that other personal injury cases have. Your burn injury attorney will present the necessary evidence to prove your case.

Contact a Boston Burn Injury Lawyer

If you or your baby have suffered a burn injury, you should contact a personal injury lawyer that handles burn injuries. You may recover from your injuries in days or weeks. However, if your injuries are serious, it could take months to heal. You need to focus on your recovery. Let your burn injury attorney focus on the legal side of things.

Some of the damages your burn injury lawyer will want to pursue are:

  • Medical bills (past, present, and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent loss of income
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering

Call the Jon Soto Law Firm today and schedule your free initial consultation. Your lawyer can answer any questions you may have. Your lawyer will review your case and let you know what it may be worth. He’ll reach out to the defendant’s insurance company to try to settle your claim. If he is unable to do so, he’ll file a lawsuit on your behalf.

The initial consultation is free. And remember – you pay nothing until you settle your case. If you suffered a burn injury due to someone’s negligence, you should contact a burn injury lawyer today. The insurance companies have lawyers working for them. You need to have one working for you!

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