What To Do If Your Parked Vehicle Was Hit By Another Driver

What To Do If Your Parked Vehicle Was Hit By Another Driver

Parked cars aren’t safe from crashes, although these types of accidents are relatively minor. Most of these accidents don’t cause any injuries, since parked cars are often free of occupants. Just because no one was injured, it doesn’t mean that such an accident won’t impact your life in any way. Property damage can put you in a difficult situation so you won’t be able to drive to work (or school) and back. If you had such damage in Boston, consult a car accident attorney.

Parked Car Accidents Damages

If there was no one inside your vehicle when the accident occurred, the accident will fall into the field of property damage only accidents. These types of accidents tend to be less costly because there are no personal injuries that require medical attention.

The property damage in this type of crash is not something you shouldn’t care about. You might face reparations of several thousand dollars; the need for buying a new car is not excluded as well. These reparations may take hours and days. During this time you won’t be able to travel to work or any other place. The worst part is that there is a big chance for the driver who hit your car to leave the scene without leaving any information.

What to Do if Your Parked Car is Hit and the Driver Flees?

Experiencing a car accident where another driver hits your parked car and then escapes the scene can be a bad surprise. If you weren’t near your vehicle when the accident happened, you might not notice the damage long after it happened.

It can be difficult to find out who caused the accident. Although it’s going to be challenging to track the driver down, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. First of all call the police and your insurers. The police will investigate the case (they’ll seek evidence such as surveillance cameras from nearby buildings). The police will also create an accident report that your insurance company will require, In case you decide to file a claim for coverage.

What to Do if Your Parked Car is Hit and the Driver Stays?

It’s a much better circumstance if the other driver who hit your parked car stayed at the scene of the crash or left their contact information. Make sure to ask for the other driver’s name, phone number, the insurance company, address. You should call the police to inform them of the crash and to get a police report. Also, call your insurers to report the crash. Don’t fight with the other driver, avoid saying bad words, or ask them what happened. Leave the questioning to the police. Everything you say will be used against you, so stay quiet.

What if the Car was Illegally Parked?

Whether or not a car is legally part, will affect determining the fault. In most cases, if the car is illegally parked, the fault carries the driver. Sometimes, the illegally parked vehicle may be at fault as well. It will mainly depend on where the car was parked. Even if the car is illegally parked, it has nothing to do with its visibility. If the car is parked in a fire lane, for example, the driver who hit it, is entirely at fault.

In some cases, it’s very difficult for the driver to see an illegally parked car. In such cases, the owner of the illegally parked vehicle is entirely responsible for the accident. For example, if a driver parks the car in a dark part of the street, right on the curve, that car will probably be hit. First of all, the parking is illegal, and second of all drivers won’t be able to see the car.

If your vehicle was hit while parked, make sure that you follow the upper mentioned steps. It may be a challenge to find the driver if they left the scene. However, if they remained at the scene, things will be much easier.

Be sure to always park at marked and legal parking lots, if you want to avoid the risk of such crashes (and all the following things you have to take afterward).

If all of this seems too complex, it’s time to consult with a car accident attorney. Our team at Soto Law is here for you; we have experience in such cases and will answer your dilemmas. Allow us to represent your case and get justice on your side.

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