What Happens If I Total My Car In Boston?

total my car

If I total my car in a crash, what’s the worst that could happen? Car accidents can be deadly for the victims and can cause physical injuries that may take time to recover. Apart from injuries, other losses are incurred during a car accident. The most prominent of which is damage done to your car. If you are a victim of a car crash in Boston. You need to contact a Boston auto accident lawyer and file a personal injury claim against the negligent party to claim compensation for your losses.

Oftentimes, an accident is so severe that it leaves your car damaged beyond repair. In this case, your car is “totaled”. Let’s explore what that means and what happens if you total your car in Boston?

What Happens If I Total My Car in a Boston Car Accident?

What does it mean if I total my car? It simply means that the repair cost of the damage done to a car during an accident is higher than the actual market value of the same car. You must understand when and if your car is totaled after a car accident because this may require you to take some extra steps than just filing an insurance claim in Boston.

The first step is to always contact the insurance provider. They will inspect the damage and determine whether the car is a total loss or not. If this is the case, then they will issue a payment for the actual cash value of the car minus your collision insurance deductible.

My Car Is a Total Loss, What Are the Next Steps?

If your car is damaged beyond repair, the insurance company should pay you for the car’s replacement value. Most times, the damage is not apparent from the outside and the insurance company will need to do a complete assessment to determine if the car can be repaired or not.

So what happens when the insurance company declares your vehicle to be a total loss? They can either replace your car or pay you in cash for your car’s value.

Let’s explore these two options in detail:


The insurance company will replace your car with another one. They may consider taxes and licensing fees in this process as well. Following are the conditions for the replacement:

  • The replacement car must be in good condition and comparable to your previous car in mileage and other aspects
  • The car must be within a 50-mile radius of where you live for inspection purposes
  • It must be purchased from a licensed dealer or a reputable and established printed sales publication

The claim will include all the details of the replacement car. If the insurance company cannot find you a replacement that meets the above conditions. They will have to pay the value of the car in cash.

Cash Equivalent Payment:

If there is no replacement available when I total my car, the insurance company may choose to pay the value of my car in cash. The payment is based on your car’s value before it was damaged in the Boston car accident.

The payment should match up to the amount required to purchase a car of the same make, body style, and model as your damaged car and also costs associated with ownership. The insurer will look at at least two cars in the vicinity and compare the costs before determining the cash payment.

If you happen to find a replacement car within 30 days of the payment that is the same as your old car but higher in price. The insurance company will cover the discrepancy or find you a low-priced option.

Can I Ask My Insurance Company to Pay for My New Car?

If you have auto insurance and have collision coverage, you may be able to seek help from your insurance provider. This might be the last resort if the other driver’s insurance provider refuses to pay the fair amount or completely refuses to negotiate if I total my car.

It is best to engage a Boston car accident lawyer if you have trouble negotiating with insurance companies.

How Can a Boston Auto Accident Lawyer Help You After You Totaled Your Car?

Insurance companies are a business at the end of the day and that means it is not in their best interest to pay you money. They will employ every tactic in the book to ensure they have to pay the least amount of money possible.

The time after a car accident is sensitive for a victim. Its time for a victim to recover from the many losses incurred during the accident. To make sure that the insurance companies offer a fair settlement, you need a Boston car accident lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

If you totaled your car, a Boston auto accident lawyer from Soto Law will help you get the best settlement for your car’s replacement.

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What Happens If I Total My Car In Boston?
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