Six-Hour Apartment Fire Injures 2 People, Shocks Many

Image showing a six-hour apartment fire which injured 2 people

Apartment fires are particularly dangerous, not only because of the inherent danger found in fires of any kind, but because they can easily spread to impact an exponential number of people – and can be extremely difficult to detain. Six-hour apartment fire which injures 2 people.

Residents of the Bartley Nolan Condominiums in Fitchburg, Massachusetts were enjoying a quiet Sunday evening until flames began ripping through the building. While officials believe the fire started on the third floor of the building, which used to be a school building, due to an explosion, the cause is still under investigation.

Residents displaced by the six-hour fire were taken to a local church for shelter on Sunday night while the American Red Cross searched for temporary housing for them. Outside the building, residents could see the heavy black smoke pouring into the sky above. Many were distraught, overcome with emotion, due to the things they had to leave behind. Some were simply in shock. Many were forced to leave their pets inside, and while firefighters rescued a couple of dogs, they believe one cat remained inside the burning building. In addition, people left sentimental items behind, including precious photos and memorabilia, making for an emotional night they would never forget.

Two people were injured during the fire and were taken to local hospitals, while one resident had to be rescued from the third floor where the fire was believed to have started. Firefighters recount that the fire was difficult to extinguish after it moved to the cockloft of the building, causing the fire to go on and on.

Fires are devastating, especially when sentimental items are lost or family members are injured. If you or a loved one has been injured in a fire, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our lawyers to learn more about our practice areas and to schedule a free consultation.

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