How Can You Prove Texting and Driving Caused a Car Accident?

A person texting and driving near boston

Texting and driving is the cause of a myriad of accidents in the United States. It has resulted in the loss of life and property. It has also resulted in life-threatening injuries, with many of these staying with victims for the rest of their lives. A prime example of this is an accident that results in an injured spinal cord.

How can you know if the erring driver was texting and driving? And how can you know if the accident was simply a mistake? This article will go into detail on that. First, let’s see how a Boston auto accident lawyer can help you.

How can a Boston auto accident lawyer help?

A lot of things can go into play when you are going to court over a car accident injury. Insurance companies train their staff to shift responsibility as much as they can. So while you’re busy trying to file claims, the insurance company is trying to shift the blame. They will likely defend themselves with claims that the car accident wasn’t the driver’s fault. Some will even try to exonerate the driver and make you take the fall.

That’s why you need a Boston auto accident lawyer. They will help you investigate the cause of the accident. So they will be able to defend your rights and get you adequate compensation. This article will teach you how to prove that texting and driving caused your accident.

You’ll see them

This is obviously the fastest way to tell when a driver is texting on the wheel. You’ll see them texting before the accident. So if there is an accident, some pedestrians can stand as witnesses in court. One thing that will help is pictures. Take as many pictures of the scene as possible. Since the driver will likely deny texting and driving, pictures will come handy.

If you are injured, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your medical report is a piece of evidence in the case. Your lawyer will use it to file compensation claims as the case progresses.

Police report

It might be that you couldn’t see the driver texting on the wheel and there are no witnesses. That doesn’t mean he’ll go scot free. When filing a lawsuit, your car accident lawyer will try to get the police report. If that report proves the negligence of the other driver, you’ll leave the court smiling. You’ll also get by if a police officer is a witness.

Many insurance companies argue that a police report should be used in courts. They say that it could be hearsay evidence. This doesn’t remove the power of police testimony. Lawyers have used these reports when negotiating settlements.

Phone records

This is another undeniable proof of the accident. If the driver’s phone shows activity around the time of the accident, you be able to file claims. Your lawyer will get all the records that will tell if the driver was texting or not. To subpoena the cell phone records of the driver, you’d need the help of a car accident lawyer.

Video footage

You can easily catch distracted drivers on surveillance cameras and police dash cams. You can also catch them via dash cams of other drivers.

With the help of an attorney, you will be able to get these records. These records can then be presented as evidence in a law court to prove distracted driving. You’ll need a car accident lawyer to get these files for you.

Accident reconstruction experts

Accident reconstruction experts can reconstruct an accident and tell if the driver was negligent.

They will reconstruct the accident and show the court. This will prove that the only explanation was that the driver wasn’t paying attention to the road.

Here’s why you need an accident lawyer Boston, MA.

You need an auto accident lawyer to be able to pursue your case and the help you’ll need. Many insurance companies are not willing to pay for damages.

JON SOTO LAW FIRM has experience dealing with insurance companies. So you can be confident that you’ll get paid for damages.

You also need an auto accident lawyer with experience in investigating car accidents. JON SOTO LAW FIRM has auto accident specialists. They will look into any case and tell what is and what is not.

So as soon as you are involved in an auto accident, contact a Boston auto accident lawyer. This will make it easier for him to understand the case and give needed help and advice.

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