One Person Killed, Another Injured in Crash on Harvard Campus

Nothing good ever happens after midnight. That’s something our parents always told us growing up. It was just an excuse to give us a curfew. However, it seems to become truer all the time. When we hear about an accident happening at 4 am, the first thing we assume is that someone was drunk driving. And, this could have been the case on Harvard’s campus this past week.

Campus police responded to a crash at about 4 a.m. on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. It took place right on Harvard University’s campus in the 1200 block of Massachusetts Avenue. The crash was so serious that the police had to shut down the street all the way to Bow Street. The road wasn’t reopened again for about 3 hours.

The driver apparently lost control of his vehicle and crashed through a fence on Harvard’s campus. He then smashed into a tree. Both the driver and the passenger were said to be in their 20s or 30s. However, their injuries were so severe the authorities couldn’t tell at first what they looked like.

The driver and the passenger were both taken to the local hospital. Sadly, the driver was pronounced dead upon arrival. The passenger was admitted with very serious, possibly life-threatening injuries. There has been no update on their condition since the crash.

The names of the victims haven’t been released while the police were trying to notify the next of kin. The cause of the crash hasn’t been released either. The investigation is still ongoing.

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