How To Recognize When Insurance Companies are Avoiding Responsibility

insurance companies

If you ever had to settle a claim from insurance companies you already know that it’s distress. It’s not like the insurance company is happy to send you your settlement just like that.

Facing an auto accident where you got injuries and damages, means that you will have to spend money on doctors, medications, reparations. Most people don’t have this money, which is why they seek coverage from the insurance company. This is your right and if another person was responsible for the crash, you should seek the settlement (no matter how big of damages or serious injuries you had).

If you need legal help with your settlement, make sure to contact a Boston car accident attorney.

Forget About Signing Anything

Insurance companies will ask you to sign many documents. Avoid doing this, even though things appear completely right. Many times, the insurer will send their people to the hospital or at your house the very next day after the crash. They would ask you to sign certain “standard forms that will help them catalyze the process.” You can expect them to ask you to sign a check.

Many of these forms and checks that insurers release have a double purpose. The first is for payment and the second is a parachute. There will be a small print on the backs of these checks. This small print absolves them of any future responsibility.

This might not seem like a problem now, but if your injures don’t show immediate symptoms and you get actual health problems after a while you won’t be able to get more money from the insurers.

It’s best not to sign anything. Avoid doing this, before you talk to your attorney. Even though this may seem rude or like you’re doing something illegal, you have a complete right to talk to your lawyer about this. They will explain everything in detail and explain the potential outcomes of these checks and forms.

They Might Ask for Statements

The insurance company will call you as soon as possible, asking you for a statement. Although these questions seem innocent, answering them may cause bigger harm than you think.

Once the adjusters take your statement, they will record everything you said (they will tell you that is for quality control purposes). They won’t only ask you what happened, but also questions like whether you need medical help after the accident, or how you’re feeling.

Whatever you do, don’t rush to say that you feel great or that you didn’t need medical help. No matter how minor the accident was, you might have internal injuries that may appear after a while. If you feel well today, that might change tomorrow.

The recorded statements will be used against you later in case your medical condition worsens. For instance, if you develop a severe illness after the crash, as a trauma of the accident, it can slowly damage your body. The insurers will have your statement where you say that you’re well and that you didn’t need medical help. Therefore they can use that statement to deny a settlement.

They’re Never Available

Insurance companies know how to play this game and take advantage of your financial situation. They will be difficult to reach whenever you try to call them, making sure you give up seeking your money after a while.

You shouldn’t give up, certainly not because of this. If you don’t feel well or are recovering, allow your attorney to take charge.

They’ll ask you to Pay for the Damage Yourself and They’ll Cover it Later

The insurance companies may lead you that something is wrong with your paperwork which is why they can’t pay your settlement. They’ll ask you to pay for the damages yourself, and later they’ll cover everything.

This technique is usually used for minor damages (when it’s obvious that you can pay for it).

But once you do that, you’ll wait for a long time for them to cover

(and probably it will never happen). You might be upset, but these small damage reparations aren’t high enough to get to court and the insurance companies would rather not pay them since this would mean losing big money every month. Once you get involved in a crash, no matter whose fault it was and no matter if it’s a minor accident, be sure to get legal help from a car accident lawyer. Soto Law is here to help you with everything. Schedule your free consultation.

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