What If I’m injured In a Car Accident by An Uninsured Driver?

Car accident involving an uninsured driver

It is much easier and better to fight for damages when a driver with insurance is negligent and causes you injury. With no insurance, it gets really tough and the legal implications are best imagined. We’ll be taking a look at this and answer your question in the best possible way.

After accidents like these, damage may have been done to your car, great damage. In some cases, your body might have been affected. Most states require that drivers own automobile insurance. Few drivers, though, manage to get away with not obeying the law.

Uninsured drivers are not rare. A 2011 report states that one in every seven drivers didn’t have insurance. Nationwide, that’s around 14% of drivers. This state requires that these auto insurance coverage be made available.

  • Bodily injury caused by uninsured auto – $20,000 per person, $40000 per accident.
  • Damage to another person’s property – $5000
  • Bodily injury to others – $20,000 per person, $40000 per accident.
  • Personal injury protection – $8000 per person, per accident.

According to the state law, these are the minimum, so getting your automobile insured is a law here. When you are in an accident with an uninsured driver, what penalty does the law recommend?

You’ll be charged with a civil motor vehicle infraction (CMVI). And depending on the circumstances, you could face:

  • A $5000 fine.
  • One year in Jail
  • The loss of your driving license for one year.

If you’re not fortunate, they could slam all three on you. So that’s the first legal hurdle the driver who injured you will face. Never drive without insurance here in Boston, MA. You might end up losing more than you planned to save.

If you are the uninsured driver, you can discuss with the auto accident lawyers here. They will help you see options that are available to you.

Get a Boston Car accident lawyer

Getting injured by a driver who doesn’t have insurance is tricky because s/he might not pay for damages. A car accident attorney can give advice on the best way to deal with these things.

First, you should know that a person who doesn’t have insurance will pay from his pocket. So the driver will have to bear the cost of all damages to all cars and persons involved. Most people who don’t have auto insurance are not in great positions financially. In fact, many have to get by without auto insurance because they can’t afford it.

The other driver’s assets might have to be seized or sold to cover the cost of damage and injury. But someone who doesn’t have insurance is highly unlikely to have assets. So while you may win the case in court, damages may go unpaid for.

Many people decide to pay insurance coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists. This way, when they are in an accident with another driver, their own insurance company pay for damages.

I’d also like to let you know something your legal practitioner will tell you. Massachusetts has a no-fault system. So anyone who is involved in a car accident should file a claim with his or own insurance provider. So the other driver faces the law. And your insurance provider covers the cost of damages and injuries.

That also means you won’t be able to sue the driver if damages are not severe. So even if you’ll get no financial benefits from suing, your insurance covers full repair and health costs.

Getting a car accident lawyer comes with benefits. You’d be able to accurately evaluate how much damage was done. This is key especially when considering if the no-fault law doesn’t cover your case. An experienced auto accident attorney will evaluate all circumstances and give professional advice.

This is for some of you who plan to move to no-fault car insurance states. You might want to get familiar with laws there. Know laws that govern driving with no insurance, and what options are available. Some states without this system allow the seizure of the driver’s assets as we mentioned earlier.

Boston, MA car accident lawyer

You have obviously seen how important it is to have a skilled car accident lawyer with you. It will make it easy to explore all legal options. You’d also get professional help and advice.

JON SOTO LAW FIRM has some of the most experienced car accident lawyers in Boston, MA. They have experience dealing with insurance companies. They can also help you fight claims especially when everyone has to pay for his own damage.

JON SOTO LAW FIRM offers a free consultation, so you can discuss your case with them anytime.

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