How To Share The Road With Trucks and Avoid Accidents?

truck accident

Being involved in an accident with a semi-truck is scary, to say it simply. Any vehicle be it a van or a car small compared to trucks and the impact could lead to terrible injuries and even death.

In 80% of accidents involving trucks and smaller vehicles, the liability is found in the small vehicle.

Truck drivers have a good view of the road from above, but they cannot notice small vehicles that come from the sides.

Reasons such as speeding, alcohol, road hazards, or distraction could lead to these accidents, but how can you avoid them?

Here are some tips from our Boston truck accident attorneys for every driver for safe driving and sharing the roads with semi-trucks.

Be cautious

Driving requires being cautious, but when sharing the road with a semi-truck, you really have to be super cautious and adapt your speed. Speeding above the limit is never a good idea, but when speeding when a truck is on the road exposes you to the risk of not being seen by the driver. Even if they can see you, other things can happen with big trucks that the truck driver might not be able to handle. You have probably seen large truck tires on the road so far. Big trucks can continue driving even when a tire blows out, but those pieces of tire can become fatal if they blow out and hit your windshield.

Make sure you don’t drive too close to the truck, especially on rainy or snowy weather (there are big chances for your vehicle to slide underneath the truck).

Passing a truck

If you must pass a truck on the road, always do the passing on the left side. Even in that case always be careful and do it quickly. Truck drivers have blind spots; never drive or ride beside them. In case they need to move over, there are big chances that they will not see your vehicle.


Avoid using your high beams at night when you are driving behind or passing big trucks. Bright lights can temporarily blind a driver, which can easily lead to an accident. All it takes is a few seconds for the driver to lose control over the large truck and cause a deadly accident.


If you must stop on the interstate (for whatever reason), try to pull off your car to the side first. If this is not an option, be aware of the truck behind you and always signal or start braking ahead of time. This way, the driver will see you and would slow down the speed (and stop if they have to). Large trucks need more time to stop (unlikely smaller vehicles).


Drivers’ biggest distraction these days is phones. Forget about your phone when driving any roadway. Texting or talking on the phone could easily distract you and in fact, are one of the top reasons for accidents these days.

Another way of distraction is reaching for an object that you dropped; the same goes for trying to find something in the glovebox or the backseat. All it takes to take your eyes off the road for a second and have your hands off the wheel. Always be alert and fully concentrated on the road in front of you. This does not go only for trucks, but for every traffic participant that is sharing the road with you.

Drivers of smaller vehicles and commercial truck drivers must drive carefully on the roads. Although sometimes accidents happen no matter how careful you are, you should seek medical help and contact a truck accident attorney.

Following the rules mentioned in this article will help you reduce the risk of truck accidents.

Determining liability in such accidents will affect the damages you get as a victim.

The best way to go through this legal process is to hire an experienced truck accident attorney who understands how trucking companies and their insurers work on accident investigations.

The injuries in such accidents are rarely small, which is an even bigger challenge. You would need a longer recovery, medical treatments, and expenses related to the accident. Not being able to work and earn would be another issue, and even when you recover, no one can guarantee you that you would still be able to work like you used to.

Seeking your compensation claim will be a complex process.

Allow our team at Soto Law to take care of your case. Call us today!

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