How Big Can A Fractured Foot Settlement Be?

A man with a fractured foot.

The human foot has twenty-six bones. So an injured foot can have various injuries, which makes foot fracture settlements different.

Usually, people hurt their feet in motor or pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace injuries, and so on.
Depending on the severity of the injury (from a broken small toe, injured heel to a severe injury that might lead to foot amputation), the injury verdict can range from several thousands of dollars up to several million.

Types of foot injuries

Let’s see some types of foot injuries:

  • Ankle fractures
  • Broken toes
  • Fifth metatarsal fracture
  • Achilles tendon tear
  • Midfoot fractures

Two Types of Fractures (Traumatic v. Stress)

There are two types of fractures – traumatic and stress fractures.
Traumatic fractures, also known as acute fractures, are caused by force (e.g., stabbing your toe). Stress fractures are common in the heel, outer bone of the lower bone, ankle, bone on top of midfoot, and small bone in ankle joints.

A man with a fractured foot.

Displaced and non-displaced fractures

Traumatic fractures can be displaced or non-displaced. If a fracture is displaced, the bone is broken, and it is dislocated.
Displaced fractures often have a higher value in settlements.

What to do once you get injured?

Although, when injured, people don’t really think of taking photos of their injuries, still, if you can do that, photograph any abnormal or crooked look, bruises or swelling (no matter if you were injured in a motor or slip and fall accident).
Send these photos to the insurance company as soon as possible. The images will be excellent proof when seeking your claim.
Another thing to remember when sending these photos is to include your face in them. Don’t send only pictures of your injured foot, because the insurance company may rule out that it is really you. The best way is to send an entire body picture.

Seek medical help as soon as possible

The severity of your injury would require medical help. Make sure you keep the medical bills and documentation and send those to the insurance company. Don’t wait for an extra day to visit a doctor. Your condition may significantly worsen overnight.

You may experience arthritis that can be caused by a broken joint. Also, you may experience trouble walking or putting shoes on due to the deformation of the fractured bone. Even if the injury does not cause you severe pain, still seek medical help because the bone may have problems healing (this can also happen if you got a surgery; your doctor then might suggest a second surgery).
If your fractured foot has complications because you waited before you asked for medical help, you are facing the risk of getting a lower claim.

The defense will claim that you did not mitigate your damages. This is why (besides the fact that you are injured and should treat your fractures) should not wait to get medical treatment. If you are injured, you have to get medical help in a reasonable time.

Slip and fall and motor accident injuries

A common way to injure your foot is in a slip and fall accident (it could happen on a pavement, roadway, indoors at your workplace, a supermarket, bank, store, just anywhere). Although it is your responsibility to walk carefully, also public roads and pavements, as well as stores, companies, banks, etc., have the responsibility to keep the walking surface safe, clean, dry, and free of bumps.

If that is not the case and you slipped on a surface that had something spilled, was slippery or bumpy, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the owner of the place (including against the company that keeps roads safe).
If your foot injury occurred in a motor accident, you could file the lawsuit against the other party. Cars and other vehicles don’t have any special protections for the feet; therefore, people often suffer from broken foot bones (even in minor accidents).
Your injury will determine what kind of settlement you will file for. Severe injuries are often the reason for filing a temporary disability claim.

If your leg is broken and you are disabled to go to work, you will need a disability. If you need legal help for your foot injury settlement, we offer you a skilled team of attorneys. Let us help you determine the liable party before you file the lawsuit; we will be there for you till the very end. Call our office today and schedule your initial consultation.

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