Drunk Driving Crash in Winthrop Kills 2

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When someone decides to drink and get behind the wheel, they put their own life and he lives of others in danger. Why someone thinks they have the right to make a decision that would hurt other people is beyond us. But this is just what happened in Winthrop, Massachusetts Sunday afternoon. Where a drunk driving crash in Winthrop kills 2.

A little before 3 p.m. on October 6, someone driving a coupe convertible was speeding down Winthrop Shore Drive when he hit a parked car. Thankfully, nobody was in the parked car or nearby on the pavement or street.

The driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. Witnesses say he was also speeding. The car hit the parked car so hard that the convertible flipped over. Neighbors said they could see one of the passengers hanging out of the window as the car flipped over.

Local police weren’t able to turn the car right-side up on their own. Neighbors from Winthrop Shore Drive got together and managed to flip the car back up. Sadly, when they did so, they realized the passenger hanging out of the window was dead.

Unfortunately, a 29-year old Beverly woman who was in the convertible at the time of the crash died at the scene. Another passenger, a 28-year old Winthrop woman, was rushed to Mass General Hospital but died later from her injuries. The 28-year old victim’s family said she lived just steps away from the parked car that was hit.

The driver was also rushed to Mass General with non-life threatening injuries.

The road was shut down from 3 p.m. until about 6 p.m. to investigate the scene and clean up the debris. Authorities are still looking for what caused the crash.

If your loved one has been the victim of a drunk driving accident, contact our office immediately.

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