Driver Convicted in Deadly East Bridgewater Crash that Killed 4

Driver Convicted in Deadly East Bridgewater Crash that Killed 4
Driver Convicted in Deadly East Bridgewater Crash that Killed 4

A lot of personal injury clients as what they’re supposed to do if they’re a passenger in a car accident. While they don’t often like to hear it, the only real option is to file suit against the driver. Even if the person driving was your friend or family member, it’s sometimes the only way to get compensation for your injuries.

This seemed to be the case in a crash that happened in May of 2018 in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. A young man was driving with 4 of his high-school friends in the car. 17-year old Naiquan Hamilton was speeding and trying to pass another car when he lost control and crashed into a tree. All four of the passengers in his car were killed. They were 4 of his high-school buddies: 17-year old Christopher Brockton; 17-year old Eryck Sablah; 17-year old David Bell; and, 16=year old Nicholas Joyce. Two of these were pronounced dead at the scene and the other 3 were taken to the local hospital, where they later died from their injuries.

Following the crash, Hamilton was charged with several criminal offenses, including vehicular homicide by negligent operation and operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs. It would be almost two years before Hamilton stood trial. This week, he was convicted of two counts of homicide and the drug charges were dismissed. He is expected to be sentenced on March 9, 2020.

The families of the 4 victims certainly would have had a potential wrongful death claim against the driver, Naiquan Hamilton. Unfortunately, since there are so many victims, there won’t be as much to go around in the way of compensation.

If your teenager is hurt or killed in any motor vehicle accident, make sure to call our car accident lawyers right away.


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