7 Steps You Should Take After a Truck Accident

Boston Truck Crash

Truck accidents happen quite often, and due to the high dimensions of the vehicle, they often cause serious damages and injuries to the involved people. If you were involved in a Boston truck crash and were lucky enough to get out of it alive and with minor injuries, you have to remember several steps that you need to take.

These steps will help you and your truck crash attorney in Boston in the outcome of the case.

Step One – Pictures

Once you calm down a little bit, and called the police, take your phone and take pictures. Photograph the scene, the road, signs on the road, the truck’s plates, the condition of the vehicles as well as the weather.

The photos will play a significant role in the further case when you seek your compensation.

Step Two – Personal Info

Gather the information from everyone involved in the accident. You will need the other driver’s name, home address, phone number, their insurance company, and policy number, the trucking company, and phone number from their employer.

Although you have taken photos of the plate, be sure to write the plate’s number as well.

Step Three – Witnesses

If there were witnesses of the accident, make sure you write down their names and phone or e-mail.

A witness is not always a bystander; it can be a passenger in another vehicle, a person who lives near the road, someone who stopped to help you, etc.

It is not your obligation to take witness statements. The police will do that. Just make sure you ask for the witnesses’ names and contact information before they leave the scene.

This information will be of great help to your truck accident attorney.

Step Four – Reparations

Your car might look like it is not severely damaged, but don’t rush to take it to the local shop. The repair estimate should be part of your insurance claim.

Every insurance company has different requirements for what you need to submit if you want to get paid for your damages. Some insurers will require pictures of every side of your vehicle; others might require you to take your vehicle in a shop that is on their approved list.

Step Five – Stay Calm

The accident occurred, you are alive and well, but the truck driver might seem angry and furious about the accident. They may say some words that will make you feel angry, as well. You have to remain calm and control yourself from saying words that would make you regret later.

The driver might accuse you of causing the accident. Even if it was your fault, it is not yours to determine the fault. Do not admit the fault. Even if you are sure you caused the accident, do not say a word about it – do not apologize for it, do not say things such as “yes, you are right, it was my fault, I should not have done that.”

This conversation is reserved for your lawyer only.

The police will give their best to reconstruct the accident and will ask you and the witnesses questions. You can answer the questions, but do not admit fault. Do not lie, because it will ruin your case.

Step Six – No Social Media

Forget about posting on social media for your accident. Truck accidents are serious (far more than car accidents). They often lead to death, road closures, cleanups, and they often end up in the media.

If you see an article from your accident, keep quiet, don’t leave comments, don’t share it on your accounts.

Posting on social media in this condition is not good because no matter how well you feel you are still in shock. Although you want to share this situation with your friends and family, social media posts can be the reason for later legal issues.

If you want to share what happened to you with your friends, contact them personally instead of posting on Twitter or Facebook (you might delete the post, but screenshots are always a threat).

Step Seven – Attorney

Finally, call a Boston truck crash attorney. They will help you in filing your lawsuit, gathering the evidence, negotiating with the insurance company and represent your case in court.

Be honest with your attorney, tell them how everything happened, and show them your evidence (contact information, photos). Hire someone with experience and history of success in such cases.

Call our truck accident law office and schedule your first consultation now.

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