3 Members of Massachusetts Law Enforcement Injured at Encore Casino

3 Members of Massachusetts Law Enforcement Injured at Encore Casino
3 Members of Massachusetts Law Enforcement Injured at Encore Casino

One of the most dangerous jobs there are is working in law enforcement. When police officers leave their home, they always know it may be for the last time. Thankfully, while 3 officers were indeed injured this weekend, none of their injuries were serious.

Two state troopers and 1 police officer from Everette responded to a report of a disorderly person at the Encore Casino. The patron was apparently being unruly in the casino’s poker room. When the police arrived, he not only resisted arrest, but he also tried to assault the police officers. The officers had to use their stun gun on the suspect to protect themselves.

One of the troopers was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital. He was later diagnosed with a concussion. Another trooper suffered minor back injuries and was not hospitalized.

Later that night, at about 4:20 am, the police were called back to the Encore Casino to deal with a fight that had broke out. The suspect in this case also resisted arrest and assaulted a local Everett police officer. Thankfully, his injuries weren’t serious.

Law enforcement confirmed that there have been multiple injuries suffered by officers who have responded to concerns at Encore Casino. They said that it’s not a matter of violence being on the rise. Instead, it is simply bad luck and a few bad instances that resulted in injury to the officers.

Both men have been charged with disorderly conduct. The man involved in the second fight has also been charged with assault and battery against an officer. The man involved in the earlier incident will likely be charged with the same thing. The police are waiting to see how bad the officer’s injuries end up being.

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Source: https://boston.cbslocal.com/2020/02/29/state-police-troopers-injured-during-fight-encore-casino-massachusetts-everett-i-team-sources/

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