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Soto Law P.C. is a practice for the people that has focused solely on Personal Injury. Early on, Jonathan N. Soto realized that people face injury every day and big insurance companies will take advantage of people that don’t have proper representation.  

At Soto Law P.C., we will stand up to the insurance companies and fight for the compensation you deserve. Whether your case is resolved before trial or in front of a jury, we have the experience and passion to put your needs first and successfully negotiate your case. Call us now for a Free Consultation!

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About Us

Jonathan N. Soto

Meet Your Boston Personal Injury Attorney
Jon Soto - Boston Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney Jonathan N. Soto was born and raised in south eastern Connecticut. At a young age, Attorney Soto learned the rewards of hard work and perseverance from his parents. His father, a native of Puerto Rico, moved to a rural Connecticut town after marrying Attorney Soto’s mother. Speaking very little English, he graduated from UConn earning a degree in engineering and his Professional Engineering license. Attorney Soto’s mother worked days and nights and attended college, all while taking care of her family and parents.

These values of hard work and family security drove Attorney Soto’s desire to be there for others and provide a sense of security for those in need. During his college years at Salem State College, Attorney Soto knew that a law degree was the path he would use to help those in need.

He attended New England Law | Boston after graduating from Salem State College. Upon graduating law school, he founded his first law firm which served clients in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, collections defense and firearm license suspensions. He quickly realized that people who were injured while carrying out their daily lives, whether in motor vehicle accidents or riding their bicycles, were being taken advantage of by multi-million-dollar insurance companies. They were being short-changed by companies that were downplaying their injuries, telling them that they did not a lawyer.

Attorney Soto was ready to level the playing field. He focuses his practice on solely injury work and has shown the big insurance companies that he does not back down from their scare tactics and bullyish approach to defending injury claims.

Attorney Soto is a trial attorney. And although most injury cases resolve before trial, Attorney Soto’s playing field is in front of a jury. He’s experienced in all forms of dispute resolution including settlement negotiations, mediation, binding arbitration, and trial. He is passionate about his clients, putting the “personal” back into personal injury.

In addition to his passion for the law, Attorney Soto is an avid Red Sox fan. He enjoys spending time with his family in Connecticut and Maine and his dog, Ruger.

Jon Soto - Boston Personal Injury Attorney
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